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More Notes for Trinity 5 – St. Luke 5:1-11

by pastorjuhl ~ June 16th, 2008

Blessed Martin Luther Second House Postil

The chief thing emphasized here for our comfort is that we need to believe.  And even though we do not quite have everything yet, and at times are lacking and in need, we are not to doubt and despair, but hope that the blessing will eventually come.  For so it was with Peter and his companions as well; they work the whole night in vain, unable to catch a thing, with no idea of where they might catch fish.  But then Christ, our dear Lord, comes and gives them, first, his word and makes Christians out of them.  Next he bids them to go out on the lake, to give it another try.  Peter obeys, and things turn out well for him. (Vol. 2, page 296)

Regardless of the vocation God has given each person to pursue, he is not to put it aside or abandon it, even though he has already become a Christian.  If you are a servant, maid, craftsman, husband, wife, civil servant, or ruler, carry on in your vocation.  For it is no hindrance to your faith and in your station you can serve God properly and well.  Beyond that let it be God’s concern how he will nourish you and take care of your pressing needs.  And do not become alarmed if you have to endure want for a while.  Learn early on to work, suffer, and endure want, but stick with your work.  Then when the time is ripe, which presently is hidden, good fortune and blessing will follow.  Meanwhile continue on faithfully and do not become weary and impatient.  For the night must soon pass; then Christ seats himself in the boat and sees to it that we and he have something to eat.  But whoever does not do this but wants to discard the net, once things miscarry, and in his impatience is ready to abandon his vocation and begin another, will all his life remain a vocational hobbler, never getting ahead. (p. 296-297)

Whether the devil storms in anger or laughs, the Word will break through and bear fruit; that is, many will come to faith in the Son of God and thus receive forgiveness of sins, be justified and saved, becoming heirs of everlasting life and salvation.  And to seal and make it sure he has given us his Word, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and absolution.  These are his nets with which he gathers his children out of the world where the devil is prince and god, thereby preserving them from the devil’s cunning and the world’s tyranny, sustaining and strengthening them in faith so that they will not be damned with the world. (p. 299-300)

Hymn Suggestions

Zion, Detroit’s hymn plan is: TLH 16/LSB 904, “Blessed Jesus, at Your Word”; TLH 430/LSB 730, “What is the World to Me” (st. 1-4), TLH 309/LSB 632, “O Jesus, Blessed Lord, to Thee”; TLH 404, “Soul, What Return Has God, Thy Savior”; TLH 430/LSB 730, “What is the World to Me” (st. 5-8); LSB 818, “In Thee is Gladness”.

Our Savior, Momence will sing: LSB 816, “From All That Dwell Below the Skies”; LSB 688, “Come, Follow Me, the Savior Spake”; LSB 578, “Thy Strong Word”; LSB 854, “Forth In Your Name, O Lord, I Go”.

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  1. Christopher Esget

    David, where is this “Zion, Detroit hymn plan”? I’d like to have a look.

  2. pastorjuhl


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