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Trinity 23 or Reformation

by ToddPeperkorn ~ October 21st, 2008

How many of you are transferring Reformation to this coming Sunday (Oct 26) and how many are doing Trinity 23?



14 Responses to Trinity 23 or Reformation

  1. weedon

    Reformation this Sunday.

  2. Uttenreither

    Reformation for me as well. We will be following DS V with Brats and Voter’s Assembly to follow!!!

  3. Fr. Anderson

    Reformation this Sunday for me too.

  4. pastorjuhl


  5. Ref. Fr. Robert W. Schaibley, SSP

    Sadly, we’ll be transferring Reformation to the 23rd Sunday after Trinity. Someday, someday, …!


  6. steeh

    Reformation, with All Saints to be transferred to Nov 2.

  7. Rev. Thomas C. Messer

    Reformation this Sunday; All Saints next.

  8. Vicar David Solum

    Reformation this Sunday

  9. Brian Westgate

    Zion Detroit is doing Trinity 23 (Michaelmass 4).

  10. Jeff Hemmer

    Trinity 23 this Sunday. Reformation (a week from) Friday.

  11. Rev Thomas Wm Winter

    Reformation this Sunday, All Saints’ next Sunday. I use the LSB “historical” lectionary and download the CPH Propers on half-page inserts. So I almost always go with what they transfer, thinking that most of the churches are doing the same.

  12. steeh

    I must rephrase my earlier response, in which I said that we are Commemorating the Reformation.

    For the most part, the propers for this Sunday are those of Trinity 23 (with the exception of the Collect for the Day, which will be the Reformation collect).

    The hymns include A Mighty Fortress, Lord of Glory You Have Bought Us (chief hymn which reflects the Trin 23 Gospel, Mt 22:15-22), and 2 distrib hymns, “Lord Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word” and “O Lord We Praise Thee”.

    Other than the Chief Hymn then, the hymnody thus is used to carry the Reformation banner.

    Ed Steeh

  13. Rev. Benjamin T. G. Mayes


  14. Rev. Gerson Flor

    Reformation (hymnody by the 3 hymnwriters commemorated on the day), Oct 26. All Saints, Nov 2. Then Tri 25/26/27.

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