Advent & Christmas Introits

Here are the historic introits for Advent and Christmas. These Advent introits contain a few corrections from the previous postings. The text varies in a few spots between the Latin and the Common Service. The translation reflecting the Latin appears in parentheses underneath the text of the Common Service (an option that could be used).

There are two versions of the Christmas introit (Christmas Day). The first is the Common Service text, made to fit with the chant provided. The second is the more literal translation set to the notes, modifying the verse to say simply “Wonderful Counselor of Angels”. Epiphany season is half completed, and I’ll be posting those soon. SDG

Advent I
Advent II
Advent III
Advent IV
Christmas Day (Common Service)           Christmas Day (Historic)

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for these English arrangements of the Introit chants! Do you have one for the Midnight Mass text “Dominus dixit ad me?”

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