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Historiclectionary.com: after one liturgical year

by ToddPeperkorn ~ February 6th, 2009

It has been one liturgical year since we started historiclectionary.com during the week leading to Septuagesima 2008. The site has slowly but surely grown. Right now as I see it, the sight has 3 or maybe 4 different uses:

1. It serves as a site for finding sermons on the given liturgical text.

2. It is a clearinghouse for people to raise questions related to liturgical practice and the one year lectionary.

3. Sermon helps, citations from various church fathers ancient and modern, on the given texts of the week.

4. Introits and other musical helps. This part is really just beginning, but I am confident will grow and expand as the months and years continue.

There probably are other uses, but these are the four that grab me as I look back at what we’ve accomplished. Bravo! The collaborative element to tis site is what makes it great. I believe that will only continue to improve.

Now that we have a year under our belt, I have several questions for the gentle readers and editors. These are in no particular order:

1. Is this the best format? The genius of the one year series is that it is, uh, repetitive. now we have two sets of posts coming on each given Sunday, but an individual will have to know how to look in order to find them.

2. To that end, would it be worth considering a lectionary wiki type format? I’m thinking that this would be a link off of this blog format to an indexed collection that would gather all of the posts on a given topic, text or Sunday. I have yet to see any web site that really harnesses the power of tagging and collaboration into a the lectionary. Other suggestions would be good.

3. Funding. I have financed all of this myself to this point, which is relatively minimal (about $150 a year, maybe less). But at some point I’m going to need to get funding. Should I go the donation route, advertising, or some other method? I would LOVE to be able to hire someone to really design this site well. I think it would be very very useful.

4. Calendar. I have deliberately NOT produced a calendar to this point, instead pointing people to sanctus.org and gottesdienst.com for that purpose. Is that something which would be helpful?

5. It is patently clear that there isn’t really a publishing house that is going to sponsor the historic lectionary in terms of publishing resources. Unlike you crabby confessional types, I am not bitter about that. It’s simply numbers. There are too few of us to make it pay for a publishing house to do. That being the case, is that worth pursuing? If so, what would be helpful to have published?

6. What else would you like to see out of this site? I am interested in this from both a lay perspective and a pastor perspective.

7. Any interest in a podcast discussing the upcoming readings of the week?

8. This is a generally Missouri oriented crowd, but I would like to be more ecumenical. What other (Lutheran) church bodies are there that will have pockets of support for the one year lectionary? ELS? Elsewhere? How do we foster those relationships?

Those are my thoughts on a Thursday night. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matters at hand.

-Rev. Todd Peperkorn
Site Owner

10 Responses to Historiclectionary.com: after one liturgical year

  1. Christopher Esget

    I have many things to say, but you cannot bear them now. (Actually, it’s just that I’m about to go to bed.) But one thought re. funding: As an editor, albeit one who has contributed little, I’ll gladly kick in some cash to help cover costs. But I wonder if you set up a little “donate” button via PayPal or something (like what Petersen’s got going at the Redeemer website) and asked for small donations. If 30 people chipped in $5/year, that would cover it.

  2. sean.daenzer

    5. Thankfully books continue to be published that are helpful for this lectionary. If anything, perhaps we can look to Lutheran Legacy for help (http://www.lutheranlegacy.org). I know John Sias has discussed interest in publishing these historic propers when the project is completed. I feel a bit like a hippy, but, maybe it’s best to “keep the Church Year Free!” Soon the lectionary may be completely absent from hymnals. As they go out of copyright, the older resources will all be free. This site is already probably the best place, not to mention a virtual winkel for preaching.

    6. With the advent of musical helps and continued use of things like gueranger and lindemann along with fights about gesimas, this site isn’t just about the epistle & gospel readings anymore. Not that we get a new domain name, but I think what were really trying to promote is the Historic Church Year, not merely a set of readings. Just a thought.

    4. I personally like the idea of working in partner with those other sites/organizations. Unlike the anglicans, Lutheran’s don’t have a very clear and formulaic way of dealing with concurrence/occurrence… so it’s not surprising that there tend to be disagreements and discussions over what is best (see holy innocents this year!). We could fight it out here to beat out a calendar and then defend it, but certain other folks enjoy that so much more. Let’s not ruin their fun. πŸ™‚

    1-2. I have no idea really what would be best. This is a nice format, but you’re right that it isn’t going to be a blog alone much longer. Now there are sermons, studies, posts and musical helps, along with propers to download and links as well for every given feast and sunday, along with other topical discussions. If in some way, whether a simple list or some kind of rotating one that adjusts itself to put what’s coming up or recently past available first, we could just click a feast or Sunday to be able to see it, maybe even in similar fashion to sanctus.org. Ultimately, that’s what a kantor or pastor will use this for (unless they’re contributing or reading every post meticulously like we do): “I need ___ for the X Sunday after Trinity…. ahh, here’s the page. Look at all these resources….” Something as simple as a page full of links (like the gregorian propers page here presently is) gets the job done, but it’s not too fancy… plus you have to scroll a lot. Searching is always the easy way to do it for us young people, but it’s a novel thing to others, whereas seeing something concrete to click just is more intuitive sometimes. plus, searching depends on the contributor’s faithfulness in tagging properly, doesn’t it?

    well, those are my thoughts. Maybe too extensive, maybe not detailed enough. We’ll see. πŸ˜€

  3. chaz_lehmann

    I have no idea what the best approach on your great questions is.

    I’ll just say this: Thank you.

    This blog is a joy to read and to contribute to.

  4. Eric Brown

    Perhaps a slight reorganization of the site – where the main page directs you to a page of sermons, or a page of helps, or a page of ________, along with the blog.

    You can do that with the categories tab. . . but I think separate paged dedicated to providing that information would be more user friendly. And I think it is great to have a blog that deals with 1-year lectionary stuff.

  5. Pr. Martin Diers

    As an independent (http://olcc.us) who uses the historic lectionary, I would certainly contribute toward this site. I have found it invaluable.

    I would definitely vote for a categorized wiki-style site, with a blog section to announce postings, updates, etc., and allow comments.

    I have done some programming around lectionary work (which is presently in code form), as well as the liturgical calendar (which you can see here: http://olcc.us/resources/liturgical-calc). However, since it’s all custom (done on my own web framework), not sure that it would be useful here.

  6. R.R. Harry Broussain

    Wat happened to the OLCC? It is not more online. Thank you.

  7. ToddPeperkorn

    I must be obtuse right now. What is OLCC?

  8. pastorjuhl

    The hyperlink isn't working right. One will have to type it in without the parentheses.

  9. Ryan

    I have very much appreciated this site. Both the topics and the tone of the post responses.

    As to format perhaps a list of topics and church year date in a side bar to collect the posts, still the search box at the top works just as well as a wiki or other format would.

    I use Sanctus.org for calendar and “This Month in the Church Year” for back up.

    So for format keep it simple. Less work for the hosts and the readers.

    In regard to resources, it would be nice to use this forum, to have a topic to discuss what we would all be looking for in terms of resources. It would also be cool if someone left a perpetual endowment to CPH exclusively designated to producing one-year stuff.

  10. Mark Lovett

    I suppose it has now been two litugical years. I just recently discovered this site, and I must say, Bravo! Especially the helps with Intoits, etc.

    I do have a question concerning the liturgy: if the historic introits are used, what are the tones for the Gradual/Tract? Should I just use the LSB tones, or are there specific ones like the introits? I hate trying to pick tones.

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