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Luther's Summary of the Judica Gospel

by Christopher Esget ~ March 28th, 2009

Fr. Juhl posted some helpful quotations from Luther’s first sermon in the House Postil below. The second sermon also is very good (vol. 1, pp362-365). He summarizes the meaning of the Gospel at the conclusion:

These are the three points contained in this Gospel lesson. The first, that we ought eagerly listen to and learn God’s Word. If we do so, we become God’s children; if we refuse, we remain children of the devil. The second, that by virtue of the Word’s power and capacity to save, those who believe on it will not see everlasting death. Third is the fact that Christ is true, eternal God, who has such power that by his Word we come to live forever and will not die. May our dear heavenly Father give us his grace, so that by his Holy Spirit we firmly believe his Word and by it are saved eternally, for the sake of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

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