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Additional Notes for Misericordias Domini – John 10:11-16

by pastorjuhl ~ April 20th, 2009

An addition to the notes I published last year.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, “The Liturgical Year”

Divine Shepherd of our souls! How great is Your love for Your sheep! You give Your life to save them. The fury of wolves does not make You flee from us; You become their prey, that we may escape. You died in our stead because You were our Shepherd (Vol. 8, p. 138).

Blessed Martin Luther’s House Postil

We must not only diligently hear God’s Word, but hear it in such a manner that we are immune to the input of the devil who constantly seeks to plant all kinds of false teaching and mischief into our hearts.

Sheep are like this: when the shepherd signals, they band together; the mother knows her lamb and the lamb knows its mother. Just so, my sheep run to me and know me, Jesus says, and I know them. It is a fact: sheep have the sharpest and most acute hearing of all animals.

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