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More Luther on how the Holy Spirit comforts

by Christopher Esget ~ May 22nd, 2009

Again from Luther’s House Postil (vol. 2, p147):

In what way, then, does the Holy Spirit comfort? The Lord says, He will witness of me. In other words, my dear child, the devil will intimidate and frighten you, the world will imprison and kill you. That you must expect; it simply won’t be different; but in contrast, the Holy Spirit will be a witness of me, awaken you, and inspire you to think of me. He won’t give you a thousand or more dollars like the world, but he will witness of me and enable you to say, When everything is gone–wife and child, house and property, goods and honor, yes, even body and life–still, Jesus Christ, who for my sake became man, died and rose again, has ascended into heaven to the right hand of the Father, as I daily confess in the Creed. If that is true, of what should I be afraid? Truly God’s Son, my dear Lord, who suffered death for me will not be my enemy. He means well with me. If one loves someone, one does not fear him. If God’s Son loves me, I have no reason to fear him or believe him capable of anything evil.

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