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Walther on Lent 1 – Matthew 4:1-11

by pastorjuhl ~ February 15th, 2010

This battle [between Jesus and Satan] was the first engagement touched off by the Lord of our salvation, in order to tread down Satan under our feet. It was the first defeat of the infernal host to show them that now a Stronger one had come. Scarcely had Christ begun His ministry when immediately He attacked Satan. He did not leave the field until He had won the last engagement for us on the cross and could cry out, “It is finished!” The resurrection immediately following upon it was the victory shout of the world’s Mediator, the great Te Deum Laudamus, “We praise You, O Lord.” The descent into hell and ascension into heaven were the victor’s glorious triumphant procession. Yet all this could not have followed had not Christ won His first battle in the wilderness. This also was therefore a necessary part of the work of our redemption.

If you want to be eternally blessed by the battle of your Savior, your heavenly General, nothing more is demanded of you and all men than that you play the part of a believing spectator. The important thing is not that you learn how to fight against sin and Satan from Christ’s example, but the first, the most important, the main thing is that you learn to believe that Christ battled for you, in your place, for  your freedom and salvation. Whoever knows and feels his sins, whoever knows that hitherto he has served the devil, that he was full of unbelief, contempt of God’s Word, pride, vanity, lust, and love of the world, or that he at least has not really battled against the world, flesh, and Satan, let him merely look to his Savior; this champion from the stem of David has held the field for us; this Lion from the tribe of Judah has conquered for us. Though you may have fallen ever so deeply, though you may have even begged the devil’s pardon, free yourself from this disgraceful tyranny. Side with Christ; then you are victor over sin and hell; then Christ also divides the spoils of war with you, forgiveness of sins, righteousness, life, and salvation.

2 Responses to Walther on Lent 1 – Matthew 4:1-11

  1. James Leistico

    great quote. Been reading it to my shut-ins, and adapted it for my sermon. Where did you find it?

    My recent post Wednesday of Lent 1 – Putting Genesis 6-9 in Context

  2. pastorjuhl

    The Walther quote is from a CTSFW print shop volume called "Old Standard Gospels" translated by Rev. Donald Heck.

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