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Hymns for Trinity 14-27

by ToddPeperkorn ~ September 2nd, 2010

I thought it might be of advantage to our gentle readers to see what we’re singing here in sunny Kenosha, Wisconsin.

To that end, you will find in a couple different formats here our hymn selections for Trinity 14-27.  These hymns are for our congregational divine service every Sunday, and one hymn from each Sunday is also used as our hymn of the week for our academy.

In choosing hymns, there are a number of resources that I use:

First, I use the outstanding Lutheran Service Book Hymn Selection Guide.  I don’t absolutely love every single choice, but it is a wealth of resources that are simply wonderful.  They even have stuff for that other lectionary.

Second, I often consult the hymn selections from Rev. Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch on his blog.  Dr. Stuckwisch is simply a hymnological maniac, and while his choices often coincide with the selection guide, I appreciate them nonetheless.

Third, I look at what I’ve done over the past ten years.  One of the many advantages of the one year lectionary is that you can see how you’ve handled a given Sunday.

Anyway, here are the files.  Enjoy, and I’d welcome any comments.



Fall 2010 hymns in EXCEL

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