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Trinity 20 Alternate Gospel

by pastorjuhl ~ October 11th, 2010

You may have noticed that there is an alternate Gospel pericope for Trinity 20. The chief Gospel pericope is Matthew 22:1-14, the parable of the Great Supper. This is the same Gospel pericope used on Trinity 2, except Trinity 2 uses Luke’s text.

The alternate Gospel is Matthew 21:33-44, the parable of the Wicked Husbandmen. This pericope is from the “Second Series” of pericopes in The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH). The “Second Series” Gospel pericope for Trinity 20 also includes the Parable of the Two Sons.

Usually, I don’t take alternates. I stick to what is given. If there’s an alternate Epistle, I use the customary Epistle. I do alternate OT pericopes from year-to-year. This year for Trinity 20, I will take the alternate Gospel for a change of pace. Anyone else willing to give Matthew 21:33-44 a try this year?

Hymn selections (LSB): 828, 647, 912/760, 712

8 Responses to Trinity 20 Alternate Gospel

  1. Christopher Esget

    Father David,

    I'm going to stick with the historic Gospel because of the additional aspect of the man without a wedding garment, which will be the topic of my sermon. FWIW.


  2. pastorjuhl

    A worthy and commendable thing to do.

  3. Christopher Esget

    Also, I've made way too big a deal in these parts about being hardcore 1-Year Lectionary. Any wavering will be taken as a sign of weakness! I've become like one of these KJV-only fanatics. Sad and funny all at the same time. 😉

  4. ToddPeperkorn

    I will check on your permissions and figure out what\’s going on. I would really like you to be able to post!

  5. pastorjuhl

    As have I in these parts. When I posted my sermon in another realm of the InterWeb, a brother pastor wrote me and said "What has gotten into you" or something like that. It was a joke, but, yeah, I'm hardcore 1-year all the way. I'm also hardcore NKJV for public reading, though I teach out of ESV for Bible class. Did I mention I'm also schizophrenic with attention deficit dis…ooh, SHINY!!!

  6. ToddPeperkorn

    @Christopher I noticed that in the ACCS series Augustine and a couple other fathers make the explicit point that the wedding garment is charity and NOT baptism. What do you think of that?

  7. Christopher Esget

    Well, I have a hard time agreeing. I'm pretty convinced it's Baptism. But I'll have to check out the specific quotes.

    Also, it's possible I'm just stupid (actually, that part is certain), but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post anything. I had tried awhile ago, and then abandoned it. I tried again today, and I get in to the dashboard but there's no option to make a new post. Can you check my account ("Christopher Esget") and see if something needs to be tweaked?

  8. ToddPeperkorn

    I don\’t disagree with you either, Christopher. I just found it rather astonishing that the patristic fathers seem to pretty universally taken the garment as charity.

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