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Archive for June, 2011

Trinity 2 – Luke 14:15-24

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

In the Name of the Father and of the + Son and of the Holy Spirit “Supper’s ready!” You can almost hear the pitter-patter of feet running to the table. Everyone wants to get to the table first in order to get the best piece of chicken or the largest helping of green beans. Heads […]

Luther on Luke 14:24 – Trinity 2

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

[God] declares in simple, humble, short but very earnest words: “They shall not taste of my supper.” As though he would say: Very well, my supper, too, is something, and what does it profit if it be better than their oxen, lands, homes and wives, when they now despise it, and regard their lands, oxen […]

Disposition for Trinity 2 – Luke 14:15-24

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Here’s another one, this from 1905.

1891 Disposition for Trinity 2 – Luke 14:16-24

Friday, June 24th, 2011

This from “Magazin” in 1891. The “A.G.” I am guessing might be August Gräbner.

George Stöckhardt’s Disposition for Trinity 2 – Luke 14:15-24

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

This from Volume Three of “Magazin”