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Who doubts?

by Christopher Esget ~ December 8th, 2011

Because some of you will be tempted to harangue poor John the Baptist from the pulpit this coming Sunday (Advent 3)—you know, the one of whom our Lord said, “Among those born of women there has not risen one greater”—take heed from Luther’s House Postil (1:60) about who doubts:

This sending of his disciples amounts to John saying, Go and learn who is the true doctor and preacher. I know it well that he is the true Christ, but the people do not believe this. Therefore, you go to him and hear for yourselves from him personally, so that you will divorce yourselves from me and the entire Jewish school of thought, in order to cling to this man on whom your and the entire world’s salvation depends. This, then, is the final meaning of John’s message to Christ, namely, that his disciples should personally hear and see Christ, come into fellowship with him, believe on him, and be eternally saved.

As far as I can tell (chiefly from Aquinas’ Catena) this was the universal opinion of the fathers.

2 Responses to Who doubts?

  1. Dale M Kleimola

    If someone says he/she does not doubt about Jesus, I wonder if he/she really follows Jesus?

  2. Christopher Esget

    Are you the same person who wrote this?
    “I have an unquestionable faith in a God who saves by His grace and mercy in Jesus”

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