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Inserts for the Gesima Season

Monday, January 30th, 2017

GesimaInsert PDF GesimaInsert DOC File  

Sexagesima – Luke 8:4-15

Monday, February 11th, 2013

In the Name of the Father and of the + Son and of the Holy Spirit             For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. Those who despise God’s Word, those […]

Sexagesima Outlines – Luke 8:4-15

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

1879, 1891, 1905.

Sexagesima – Luke 8:4-15

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

In the Name of the Father and of the + Son and of the Holy Spirit             Jesus is nice enough to give us the key to understanding this parable. Nevertheless, the snippet of Luke chapter eight heard today does not include one key verse shortly after the parable. Jesus says in verse 18: Take […]

Bulletin Inserts for the Gesima season

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

From time to time I have to explain what the “Gesima” season is to my parishioners (okay, every year).  I inherited this insert from a brother pastor many years ago.  I hope you find it of some benefit as you teach the flock of the gifts of God!  You may download it here in either […]