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Feast and Festival Index

Nov 30 St. Andrew
Dec 21 St. Thomas
Dec 26 St. Stephen
Dec 27 St. John
Dec 28 Holy Innocents
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve
Jan 1 Circumcision and Name of Jesus
Jan 18 Confession of St. Peter
Jan 24 St. Timothy
Jan 25 Conversion of St. Paul
Jan 26 St. Titus
Feb 2 Purification of Mary and Presentation of Our Lord
Feb 24 St. Matthias
Mar 19 St. Joseph
Mar 25 Annunciation of Our Lord
Apr 25 St. Mark
May 1 St. Philip and St. James
Jun 11 St. Barnabas
Jun 24 Nativity of St. John the Baptist
Jun 29 St. Peter and St. Paul
Jul 2 The Visitation
Jul 22 St. Mary Magdalene
Jul 25 St. James the Elder
Aug 15 St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord
Aug 24 St. Bartholomew
Aug 29 Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist
Sep 14 Holy Cross Day
Sep 21 St. Matthew
Sep 29 St. Michael and All Angels
Oct 18 St. Luke
Oct 23 St. James of Jerusalem
Oct 28 St. Simon and St. Jude
Oct 31 Reformation Day
Nov 1 All Saints’ Day