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BOC for Quinquagesima

by ToddPeperkorn ~ January 30th, 2008

THE DEPTH OF SIN – The readings today demonstrate first of all the depth of our own sinfulness, and also the depth of God’s love for lost sinners. From the Smalcald Articles, Part 3, Art. 1

1] Here we must confess, as Paul says in Rom. 5, 11, that sin originated [and entered the world] from one man Adam, by whose disobedience all men were made sinners, [and] subject to death and the devil. This is called original or capital sin.

2] The fruits of this sin are afterwards the evil deeds which are forbidden in the Ten Commandments, such as [distrust] unbelief, false faith, idolatry, to be without the fear of God, presumption [recklessness], despair, blindness [or complete loss of sight], and, in short not to know or regard God; furthermore to lie, to swear by [to abuse] God’s name [to swear falsely], not to pray, not to call upon God, not to regard [to despise or neglect] God’s Word, to be disobedient to parents, to murder, to be unchaste, to steal, to deceive, etc.

3] This hereditary sin is so deep and [horrible] a corruption of nature that no reason can understand it, but it must be [learned and] believed from the revelation of Scriptures, Ps. 51, 5; Rom. 6, 12ff ; Ex. 33, 3; Gen. 3, 7ff

All Book of Concord quotations are taken from the Triglotta, copyright 1921 by CPH. It is in public domain.

BOC Reading for Quinquagesima

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