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Exaudi Notes

by ToddPeperkorn ~ April 28th, 2008

Worldly comfort is false and counterfeit because it directs a person to rely on material goods, fame, honor, power, and the assistance and sympathy of the high and mighty. It is at best nothing more than miserable, poor, uncertain comfort. Its relief is temporary. The Holy Spirit, however, comforts you when you are frightened and discouraged, miserable and wretched, forsaken both by other people and by your own heart. That is why the Holy Spirit carries the name, because he is a true Comforter who does not fail. Where there is sorrow and affliction, that’s where you find the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. (Blessed Martin Luther)

This is what Our Lord tells His disciples in today’s Gospel: “They hated Me, and seeing Me they put Me to death. But the Spirit’s testimony will cause those who do not see Me believe in Me. You also will testify because you are with Me from the beginning. The Holy Ghost will testify, and you shall testify. For since you were with Me from the beginning, you can preach what you have seen. But you do not so now because you do not yet have the fullness of this Spirit. He shall give testimony of Me, and you shall give testimony of Me. And the love of God that is poured forth into your hearts by the Spirit shall give you courage to testify.” (St. Augustine)

When a Christian begins to know Christ as His Lord and Savior, his heart is aglow with a flaming love of God and he desires gladly to help everyone to the same experience. For you know that Christ has redeemed you from death and brought into His kingdom and inheritance. And so you have no greater joy than to possess this treasure and trust Christ. Therefore, a Christian goes out and encourages other people, praising and testifying (in word or deed) to all, praying and yearning that they too enjoy God’s grace. (Blessed Martin Luther)

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