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More Notes for Easter 5 – Cantate

by pastorjuhl ~ April 15th, 2008

Origen – De Principiis II:7:4

But the Paraclete, who is called the Holy Spirit, is so called from His work of consolation…. For if anyone has deserved to participate in the Holy Spirit by the knowledge of His ineffable mysteries, he undoubtedly obtains comfort and joy of heart…. In the case of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete must be understood in the sense of comforter, inasmuch as He bestows consolation upon the souls to whom He openly reveals the apprehension of spiritual knowledge. (ANF 4:285f.)

Raymond Brown – Anchor Bible Commentary on the Gospel of John

Brown on “convict” – The idea is that, in a reversal of the trial of Jesus, the world is found guilty of sin in that it has not acknowledged the justice (righteousness) of God in the glorified Jesus, and this very conviction is a judgment on the prince of this world who accused Jesus and put Him to death. (p. 705)

Brown on “Paraclete” – The Paraclete is the Spirit understood as the presence of the absent Jesus, and by definition the Paraclete and Jesus cannot be on earth together. We recall [John] 7:39: “for there was as yet no Spirit, since Jesus had not been glorified.” This implies not only that it is the glorified Jesus who gives the Spirit, but also that the role of the Paraclete/Spirit is to take the place on earth of the glorified Jesus…. Only through the internal presence of the Paraclete do the disciples come to understand Jesus fully. (p. 710)

A personal note. I am thankful to The Rev. Gary Harroun, Asst. Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church (Independent), Herrin, IL, for observations concerning the Holy Spirit. I’m sure it’s not his own thoughts, but he was the first to introduce to me the Holy Spirit as “ombudsman”. We don’t hear that word much these days. An ombudsman is an individual charged with representing the interests of the public, usually by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens. Most universities have an ombudsman. Newspapers once did, and some still do. National Public Radio has an ombudsman. These people represent a constituency and are a go-between. The Holy Spirit goes between Jesus and His Church, delivering Good News through the Holy Preaching Office. I suppose you could say pastors are ombudsmen for the Divine Ombudsman!

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