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Archive for April, 2008

More Rogate Notes

Monday, April 21st, 2008

When Our Lord speaks of “joy made full,” He is talking not about carnal but spiritual joy. That joy is so great that nothing further needs to be added to it. So whatever we ask which relates to the attainment of this joy, we must ask for in the Name of Christ. When we ask […]

Notes for Easter 6 – Rogate

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Pius Parsch, “The Church’s Year of Grace The Church does not occupy Herself with sentimental mourning over Christ’s departure.  The nearer we approach the moment of Christ’s departure, the more resounding our alleluias. (Vol. 3, p. 145) Christ assures us that requests made in His Name will always be heard…. Continuing His discourse Jesus reveals […]

Commentaries for Historic Lectionary Preachers

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

I waffle back and forth on the need for commentaries.  Commentaries are an excellent way to help teach Bible Studies on a particular book.  Rarely do I consult a commentary for preaching.  I’m not against commentaries.  I just don’t use them. I recall Dr. David P. Scaer once showing students in the CTSFW bookstore what […]

More Notes for Easter 5 – Cantate

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Origen – De Principiis II:7:4 But the Paraclete, who is called the Holy Spirit, is so called from His work of consolation…. For if anyone has deserved to participate in the Holy Spirit by the knowledge of His ineffable mysteries, he undoubtedly obtains comfort and joy of heart…. In the case of the Holy Spirit, […]

More Luther for Easter 5 – Cantate

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

These quotes are from Luther’s House Postil for the Fifth Sunday of Easter.  Outside of the Pia Concordia, these are some of the best quotes I’ve read concerning the Second Article of the Creed, as well as objective justification.  I commend the whole sermon to your reading pleasure should you have access to the House […]