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Notes for Trinity 20 – Matthew 22:1-14

by pastorjuhl ~ September 29th, 2008

God the Father made a marriage for God the Son when He joined Him to human nature in the womb of the Virgin. But because a marriage union is made between two persons, far be it from us to think that the Person of the Redeemer is made from a union of two persons. We say He has existence in and from two natures, but we shun as evil the belief that He is made from two persons. More accurately, therefore, may it be said that the Father King made a wedding for His Son King in this, that through the mystery of the Incarnation He united the Holy Church to Him. And the bridal chamber of this Spouse was the womb of the Virgin Mother. (Gregory the Great, Homily 38. Quoted in M.F. Toal, “The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, Vol. 4, p. 227)

Luther’s House Postils

With the parable of the wedding our Lord has pictured His holy Christian church and His beloved holy Gospel. He expresses dismay over the contempt shown for His Word and the Gospel, and also rebukes those who willfully despise it, persecuting and killing those who minister the Word.

But worse still is the fact that this disregard of God’s Word is now so commonplace that this truly terrible, hellish, devilish sin is not even regarded as being sin at all, like other sins. Everyone simply dismisses it as a trifling matter that people fail to listen diligently to preaching; yes, the majority hold that opinion, believing that wine and beer taste just as good when listening to preaching of the Word as at any other time.

The greatest sin of all is when His Word, wherein forgiveness of sins is proclaimed, is despised and its invitation to His wedding feast is scorned.

We must, therefore, learn to guard against this sin, esteem God’s Word highly, and hearken to it diligently and gladly. In fact, we have to do this if for no other reason than God has commanded it and by it we show our love and service to Him. For serving such a mighty Lord is no small matter and He is able to reward us richly.

Were our Lord God to rain down money, there would be no lack of people whose desire would be to obtain heaven. However, since He promises eternal life and threatens with eternal death, no one wants to pay heed and mend his ways, until too late they realize what they have done.

Hymn selections for Trinity 20 for Our Savior Church, Momence, IL: LSB 792, 828, 563, 789

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