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A happy little rubric

by chaz_lehmann ~ December 24th, 2008

I don’t know how many of you have the custom of New Year’s Eve services. We do here.

As I was looking at the propers in the LSB 1-year lectionary book, I found that there are two options for New Year’s Eve. There are propers wherein the Gospel lection is Luke 12:35-40. I was a bit disappointed by these.

Mainly, it seemed like you were jumping from Christmas joy into Advent dreariness in the middle of the Christmas season.

But on the same page in the LSB 1-Year Lectionary book there is a note that you may celebrate the “Eve of the Name and Circumcision of Jesus” on New Year’s Eve using the propers for the Name of Jesus (January 1st).

This makes the Gospel reading Luke 2:21, which I think is one of the most old Entish verses in the Scripture. So that’s what I’m going with.

2 Responses to A happy little rubric

  1. Eric Brown

    Chaz – any service that is after the Sun has set should always be able to take the readings for the next day — because once the sun has set, it is the next day – according to the Jewish/Scriptural reckoning. Once the sun sets today, it is Christmas. Now, we have a service for the Evening of Christmas, and one for midnight, and for dawn, and for day – but it’s all the same Holy Day.

    We celebrate the Eve of the Name of Jesus all the time.

  2. Pr. Martin DIers

    Entish? Talking trees? what?

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