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Introits for the days after Christmas, and more!

by sean.daenzer ~ December 28th, 2008

Here are introits for the days following Christmas (St. John coming soon I hope).

For those celebrating Divine Service for Holy Innocents tomorrow, here’s a special bonus: Gradual & Alleluia!

The notes are taken from the liber usualis, a 20th century pre-vatican II Roman source. Note: The gradual’s tune comes from the “offertory” which uses the same text as the common service gradual, and the alleluia’s tune comes from the “gradual”, which uses the same text (alleluias too) as the common service alleluia. The liber also provides a complete gradual/alleluia combination with an alternate alleluia verse for the “common of many martyrs”, but I thought it would be more appropriate to make use of the tunes that are proper to Holy Innocents…. albeit in slightly different places, perhaps. The introit is as it should be.

St. Stephen
St. John
Holy Innocents (Introit)          Holy Innocents (Gradual & Alleluia)
Sunday in the Octave

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