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Gesima Introits

by sean.daenzer ~ January 26th, 2009

Here they are: Introits for Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima. The Gesimas are an important part of the Church Year, most especially in the Lutheran tradition which celebrates our Lord’s Transfiguration on the last Sunday of Epiphany. The Gesimas provide a needed transition between Christ resplendent in glory on the mountain and our Savior as a lamb led forth to slaughter and cast into the lowest pit. Christ prepares us in these Sundays for His coming Passion, Himself showing us that He goes forth for our salvation.

Whether Green or Purple, the Gesimas are an important part of our Lutheran heritage. The introits for these three Sundays are especially simple and beautiful. Quinquagesima is often called “esto mihi” after the first words of its introit, “Be Thou to me”.


2 Responses to Gesima Introits

  1. ChabrellIgan

    God dag! Kan jag ladda ner en bild fran din blogg. Av sak med hanvisning till din webbplats!

  2. Mark Lovett

    So which are they: green or violet (purple, really)?

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