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The Purification of Mary and its Propers

by sean.daenzer ~ January 29th, 2009

Candlemas, Presentation of our Lord, Groundhog day….
16th century Lutheran chant anthologies only call it the Purification of Mary, though Matthäus Ludecus notes that it was also called Liechtmes in German, along with the blessing of candles and impiae superstitiones adhibetae sunt.

I had hoped to transcribe an Alleluia verse as well, but I found great discrepancy: 4 options in all. The one prescribed in the Common Service (I will worship toward Thy holy temple…) is found nowhere in the chant sources available to me for the Purification. The liber usualis (20th century Roman) has this alleluia assigned for the dedication of a temple.

The liber prescribes a beautiful liturgical text alleluia, “The old man carried the young Child:  Yet the young Child was the old  man’s King.”

Ludecus (1589) gives “Virga Jesse floruit...” which the liber prescribes for common masses for the B.V.M.

Magdeburg (1613) gives “Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis…”, which the liber prescribes for St. Lucy Day.

Ludecus, as well as the liber, provides the chants to be sung prior to the service as the candles are blessed, providing a 3 part organum setting for boys which may be transcribed and translated in the future. For now, here’s the introit for the Purification of Mary (which is in fact shared with the 8th Sunday after Trinity).

Purification of Mary

3 Responses to The Purification of Mary and its Propers

  1. ToddPeperkorn

    So I’m doing a service on Monday. What do you suggest I use?

  2. sean.daenzer

    My honest suggestions would be that I have no idea. You’ll be happy to know that LSB and SBH both have two DIFFERENT ones also… so that’s 6 options!

    It seems evident to me that there’s no consensus. I would probably default to the Common Service, what appears in TLH. That’s the one I’ll be transcribing first probably. I might do some of the others at a later date, but who knows. None of those will be ready by monday though, sorry. 🙂

  3. MatveyX

    ??, ???? ??? ??? ??????????. ???????!

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