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Notes for Lent 2 – Matthew 15:21-28

by pastorjuhl ~ March 2nd, 2009

Herbert Lindemann, “The Sermon and the Propers”

The propers for this Sunday may be said to deal with the temptations…. The lessons develop the twofold possession of the Evil One, spoken in the Collect as “outwardly and inwardly”….. The determined effort of the evil spirit to possess and to defeat the struggle of faith is here visualized. But we see also a faith that will not take “no” or rebuff or delay. It confesses and perseveres and grows into that mighty power that conquers Christ’s seeming reluctance to help.

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Blessed Johann Gerhard’s Postil

Amidst tribulations we come to know our most extreme poverty, our need and unworthiness. This results in our turning to the perfect, overflowing Fountain of every blessing, and there we see help for our utter poverty, need, and unworthiness.

If the offering of our lips is to please God, there is to be a burning, heartfelt trust in our heart. Where there is no trust, there is doubt; but where there is also doubt, there one cannot obtain anything through prayer…. If a prayer does not emanate from a true, steadfast trusting heart, then it is merely a plain mockery, and not a prayer which is pleasing to God…. Our prayer must be solidly grounded upon both of these two parts: God’s omnipotence and His gracious promise.

Prayer must not ground itself upon one’s own worthiness, but instead simply upon God’s mercy (234-235).

We should not regard God’s silence and withdrawal of help as a total refusal, but rather as an exercise of faith. If the longing for God’s  help and blessing is genuine, then it will not be stifled by such a trial. Instead, it will be increased (235).

Even though I may be a poor puppy, I still desire only the bread crumbs of Your grace. Even though I am a sinner, You still have promised to receive each individual, poor sinner who wends his way to You through true repentance. Even though I am not worthy of Your help, yet Your faithful promise is so precious that I believe it (237).

Hymn Plan for 2009: LSB 770, 615, 571/435, 423

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