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Cantate Sunday – from Bo Giertz

by ToddPeperkorn ~ May 5th, 2009

Historic Lectionary already has three posts on Cantate Sunday HERE, HERE and HERE. But here’s a little more to whet your appetite. From Bo Giertz’ excellent book, To Live With Christ (pp. 331-332):

The Spirit of truth made the impossible possible. We can thank Him for the picture of Christ given to us through the evangelists, a picture that gives all the essentials we need to know. The Spirit led the apostles, and with them the Early Church, to the truth about everything God has done in Christ. For this reason, there is something fundamental and of vital importance in the apostles’ work. The Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. This is why the Nicene Creed calls the Church not only holy and catholic (meaning the whole Church), but also apostolic

Jesus summarizes the Spirit’s work in three short points that we constantly encounter. He teaches us the truth about three things: sin, righteousness, and judgment. The Spirit convinces us of our sin, teaches us right from wrong, and alerts us to our most serious shortcoming, which is unbelief. The Spirit witnesses about true righteousness that comes from God, the righteousness Christ acquired for us and gives us after He completed His work and returned to the Father. And the Spirit also witnesses to the truth about the fate that Christ’s death sealed for the prince of darkness and all the deeds of darkness, including the deeds we’re guilty of in our own hearts – a judgment that is simultaneously a victory for forgiveness and mercy, so that we, who are in fact condemned, now stand in grace and limitless mercy instead.

2 Responses to Cantate Sunday – from Bo Giertz

  1. Tony James

    I battle with unbelief everyday – mine and those with whom I work. I do not think that many people at work, but for three who are committed christians, would imbibe the words of this sermon. Faith in God is scorned or just irrelevant.

  2. Petersen

    Nice post. Thanks.

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