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Preaching Pentecost

by chaz_lehmann ~ May 26th, 2009

As I begin my preparations for this Sunday it strikes me that this Sundays is one that seems a particularly good one during which to tie all the readings together.

I think I could write a perfectly fine Pentecost sermon focused on the Gospel text (using Petersen’s wise maxim to “preach the Sunday).

This is the first time since vicarage that I’ve preached this particular Feast.  Then I focused primarily on the Epistle and the Gospel.  How have the other preachers of this blog used the Old Testament for this Sunday?

The sermon from vicarage is here.

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  1. ToddPeperkorn

    I really like the OT reading for Pentecost, and have used it about half the time I've preached on this text.

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