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Wads of Walther

by pastorjuhl ~ July 25th, 2009

Pr. Joel Baseley is doing the Lord’s work in Dearborn, MI. Yes, he the Associate Pastor of Emmanuel Church in Dearborn (a beautiful building in a beautiful neighborhood). He’s also an avid German translator. Not to be missed is his “Luther’s Family Devotions” published a number of years ago. It was my daily devotional choice for a number of years.

Pr. Baseley is now undergoing the task of translating Der Lutheraner, the time-honored German language publication of our beloved Missouri Synod. Go to the Mark V Publications homepage and click on the “Brother’s Words” tab. Follow the instructions to subscribe to English translations of “The Lutheran”.

Pr. Baseley is also, via print on demand, publishing in translation many of Walther’s sermon books and other publications. Many of these writings have never before appeared in the English language.

Walther is quoted as saying, “The closer to Luther, the better the theologian”. I’m inclined to agree. I’m also inclined to say, “The closer to Walther, the better the theologian”. He’s orthodox to the core. His love for Christ’s Church shows in his works. Save up your denarii and purchase some Walther!

P.S.:  Most of you may know CPH is doing a series of “print on demand” that includes several volumes of the Walther series they published in the early 1980s. The volume of Editorials from Lehre und Wehre is worth owning, as is his volume of Letters. You may also purchase P.E. Kretzmann’s Popular Commentary volumes as well as Martin Franzmann’s commentary on Matthew’s Gospel. The latter volume is one I would like to own soon!

Happy buying! Hope you have some money left over for food and clothing!


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