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Church Fathers for Trinity 16 – Luke 7:11-17

by pastorjuhl ~ September 22nd, 2009

It may be that even now I am speaking to such a man; to one now buried under the unyielding stone of habit and who now dead four days stinketh. Yet not even he must despair: he is dead, in the depths; but Christ is on high. He knows, by crying out with a loud voice, how to destroy these heavy loads; He knows how, through Himself, to raise the soul within to life; giving it to His Disciples to loose. But let such sinners also [repent]. When Lazarus was raised to life, after four days in the grave, no evil odor remained in the living man. And so let those who are living, live; and those who are dead, in whichever of these three deaths they find themselves, let them act at once, to rise here and now from the dead (St. Augustine, in Toal 4:120).

Man if for thee all that God has made, returns from death to life, why should you not live again from death through God? Or does God’s Creation fail in thee alone: for whom every creature daily lives, moves, is changed, renewed? Brethren, this I say, not with any desire to make nothing of the power of the wonders of Christ, but that I may exhort you, that by the example of this one rising from the dead, we may be roused to faith in the resurrection of all men, and may believe that the Cross is the plough of our body, faith its seed, the grave its furrow, dissolution its bud, time its period of waiting; so that when the spring of the Lord’s Coming shall smile on us, the full green of our bodies shall rise again in a life-giving harvest, that will know no end, no old age, that shall not be bound into bundles, nor suffer the winnowing flail. For leaving our former straw in death, the new fruit of our glorified body shall rise again the harvest of eternal life (St. Peter Chrysologus, in Toal 4:121-122).

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