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Gerhard on Trinity 13 – Luke 10:23-37

by pastorjuhl ~ September 1st, 2009

We should, therefore, bewail our own love of created things while we neglect their creator. All created things lead us to God’s love. They give man the best that they have, for they were created for man. Man himself was created for the sake of the Lord God; therefore, it is fitting to give Him the best that we have – which is love, for our faith gives God nothing; but instead, it is we who receive by it (2:143).

Your love will find all that you desire from the Lord God. Do you love riches? God is the richest of all. Do you love power? God is all-powerful. Do you love honor? God is the highest honor. Do you love beauty? God is the most beautiful. Do you love delight and pleasure? God is the greatest pleasure. In this one Good, everything is good. Whoever has this one Good, has everything that is good. Whatever is good in creation, it all come from Him. God is the fountain; all things are perfect in Him, which in creation are flawed and blemished (2:143).

This, then, is the main purpose of the parable, namely, the doctrine of genuine love for one’s neighbor (2:146).

Now, the man in the parable has been robbed and injured; and he lay there half dead. How can he be rescued? He cannot do it himself; and also the priest and Levite, that is, the Law, cannot do it. The Law exposes the wound, but cannot heal it. It is Christ, the heavenly Samaritan, who must do it; He is our true Physician (Exodus 15:26; Matthew 9:12). Christ compares Himself to a Samaritan because the Jews called Him this out of jealousy and malice (John 8:48).  He calls Himself this also because He is the true Protector of Israel (Psalm 121:4) and because He brought the Samaritans into His kingdom and made them members of His spiritual body (John 4). This is why He is not ashamed to call Himself the Head of His members. The true Samaritan came to us; He took on a true human nature, was beaten, and wounded so that, in His divine and human nature, He can cure us by His healing remedy. He soothes our wounds with the oil of the holy Gospel; and, because of our remaining sins, He uses the bitter wine of the cross. He carries us upon His shoulders, leads us into the haven of the Church, and lets us be cared for and attended. And whatever is used by His servants to heal men’s souls He will richly reward upon His return (2:148).

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