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Luther Quote for the Feast of St. John the Evangelist

by pastorjuhl ~ December 23rd, 2009

Faith does not make for itself any name. All other lives have a name, but this station is completely nameless. One cannot give it any title. When I ask what a Christian is, I cannot say that he is this or that. I cannot say that he wears a hat or he is married, a man or woman, servant or master, Jew or Greek, for it is the kind of thing of which I can see or hear nothing. I cannot ascribe to it any external attribute. But all things that have a name can be described by their works. All stations have their title and names but only this has no name. That is the first thing in considering the nature of faith. It is differentiated from all works because no works can help it. Rather one must only believe and be justified without any works.

–Luther’s Festival Sermons, from The Church Postils, translated by Rev. Joel Baseley, page 169

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