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Praying is Harder than Ministering

by ToddPeperkorn ~ May 5th, 2010

Although the ministry is also hard and entails much trouble and worry, it nonetheless has the advantage that despite my own unfitness and unworthiness to preach it gives me the courage to take the Book in hand and, on God’s behalf, to tell my neighbor: “Dear friend, here it is written; you are hearing God’s Word, not mine; your own salvation and bliss are at stake, not mine.” When I have said this, I have done my duty; let him answer for his acceptance or rejection. But if I am to speak and pray to God for myself, a hundred thousand obstacles immediately present themselves before I can begin. The devil can put all sorts of reasons in the way and can hem me in and hinder me on all sides. As a result, I go my way and never give it a thought. Let him who has never experienced this just give it a try. Earnestly resolve to pray, and you will soon see what varied thoughts of your own come upon you to distract you from beginning in the proper way. (Luther, M. (1999). Vol. 24: Luther’s works, vol. 24 : Sermons on the Gospel of St. John: Chapters 14-16 (J. J. Pelikan, H. C. Oswald & H. T. Lehmann, Ed.). Luther’s Works (Jn 16:23). Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House.)




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