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HistoricLectionary.com: New and Improved with Extra Features

by ToddPeperkorn ~ September 10th, 2010

Historiclectionary.com has been a labor of love for numerous pastors for close to three years now.  Every week you can receive sermon notes, sermons, quotations, hymn information, and a wealth of materials geared toward the one year lectionary of the Western Church.  Although the authors are Lutheran pastors, anyone who uses the historic lectionary will benefit from this site.

Over the past couple weeks we have undergone a facelift of sorts, in order to highlight the volume and quality of resources available here.  There are several changes which I will highlight:

First, and most significantly, we have a category menu at the top of the page.  This is immediately underneath our newly designed banner.  In this category menu you can find a link to each Sunday of the Church Year, as well as various fixed feast days, saints’ days and the like.  You can also find pre-built searches for various authors (e.g. Luther or Giertz, etc.), and handy drop down menus for all of the other topics on our site.  Please take a little time and learn how to use it.  If you click on the link for a given Sunday, every post that is in that Sunday’s category will show up, so that you may scroll through and glean what you wish.  This is a great service, since we now have at least 3 years worth of materials on each Sunday.

Second is the tag collection on the right.  Tags are a little less formal than categories, and may include the scripture verses, doctrines or topics cover, etc.

Third is the “Tip Todd” section.  If you find the services on this site of benefit to you either devotionally or in preparation for your own preaching and teaching, I would encourage you to consider leaving us a tip.  Even a dollar or two will add up quickly.

Thank you to all of our editors who continue to make this a valuable site.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you are interested in submitting a sermon, or some other notes, please feel free to contact me at todd@historiclectionary.com.  Thanks!

-Rev. Todd Peperkorn, Editor



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