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Postils of Antonius Corvinus

by Rev. Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes ~ September 28th, 2010

The postil of Antonius Corvinus (since 1529 Pastor of Witzenhausen on the Werra) was first published in high German in seven parts in the years 1535 and 1537 by Georg Rhaw in Wittenberg. In 1535 the Gospel postil was published in two octavo size volumes (winter part and summer part); in 1537 the postil on the Gospels for the Saints’ Days followed as the third octavo volume; added to these was the four part: “The Passion of Christ, divided into six sermons” [Die Passion Christi, jnn VI. predigt geteilet]; likewise, again in 1537 there appeared as the 5th, 6th, and 7th parts the postil on the Epistles (winter part, summer part, and “short summaries” of the epistles on the chief feasts of the saints). (P. Tschackert, Antonius Corvinus, Leben und Schriften [Hannover and Leipzig, 1900], 34). Throughout the entire century of the Reformation, the work was publicized in numerous high German, low German, and Latin editions, as well as parts of it being translated into Danish, Icelandic, English, Polish, and Bohemian; it was even used in a Lithuanian postil (though only preserved in a copy). “Thus, in the entire region of all Lutheran Protestantism, it attained a certain ecumenical significance.” (Tschackert, 38). Luther wrote prefaces both for the explanation of the Gospels as well as of the Epistles. (Translated by BTGM from D. Martin Luthers Werke, WA 38:474.)

The English translation is: Antonius Corvinus, A postill or collection of moste godly doctrine vpon every gospell through the yeare: aswell for holye dayes as Sondayes, dygested in suche order, as they bee appoynted and set forthe in the booke of Common Prayer. Uery profitable for all curates, parentes, maysters of housholdes, and other gouerners of youth, translated by Reynold Wolfe (1550), 596 pages.

Postilla in Epistolas et Evangelia (entire sermons for the whole year, including saint days; Latin).

Loci in evangelia (short sermon studies on the Gospels for the whole year, including saint days; Latin).

Breves expositiones epistolarum dominicalium (longer sermon studies on the Epistles for Advent through Trinity 24; Latin).

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  1. ToddPeperkorn

    Amazing. You have a real talent for finding the hidden gems of the church. Thank you!

  2. ToddPeperkorn

    Of course, I also have to admit that my first thought after seeing the author (Corvinus) is that Dracula is now doing the one year lectionary?

  3. Mark Preus

    This is wonderful! Thank God! Thank you!

  4. matthaeusglyptes

    Any plans for an update of Rolfe's translation?

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