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Lectionary Podcast?

by ToddPeperkorn ~ December 9th, 2010

In an effort to force me to get my act together earlier in the week, I am considering starting/hosting a podcast here at historiclectionary.com.  What I am thinking is basically an interview format, which I would get half a dozen people to each agree to take a week at a time, and then prepare a little bit in advance for us to discuss.  The show would be a half an hour.  We would record on Tuesday and have it released no later than Wednesday.

Would this be of benefit to you?  Are you interested?

Please leave a comment either here on on Facebook and let me know.  I’m gauging interest.




10 Responses to Lectionary Podcast?

  1. pastorjuhl

    Count me in.

  2. Matthew Pancake

    I’ll help. Tell me what you want to do.

  3. Charles Lehmann

    Sounds good! I’m willing to participate.

  4. Dustin L. Anderson

    I’m in. I could use the discipline of actually doing some prep work myself.

  5. DW

    Interested in hearing what you will put together.

  6. Thomas Winter

    Very interested.

  7. Karl Hess


  8. Kent Schaaf

    I’m willing to help out if you need it. I could use the discipline.

  9. Tim

    Is this project still happening?

  10. ToddPeperkorn

    I still very much want to do it, but since I have just taken a call to California, it will have to wait until I get settled.

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