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More Pius Parsch on Epiphany 3 – Matthew 8:1-13

by pastorjuhl ~ January 17th, 2011

I cannot recommend highly enough Pius Parsch‘s comments on Epiphany 3 in “The Church’s Year of Grace”. I wish The Liturgical Press would do the Church a favor and reprint this marvelous work as St. Bonaventure Publications did with Dom Gueranger‘s The Liturgical Year.

Substitute the word “Lutherans” for “Catholics” (or even “Missouri Synod Lutherans” for inter-Lutheran affairs).

“Following Christ’s example we should show consideration to sinners, fallen-away Catholics, and non-Catholics. We must not be like the Pharisees, arrogant and disdainful toward others. We must treat sinners with kindness and patience, with compassion and forgiveness. The same attitude should govern our dealings with those who cling to other beliefs and teachings. All of them we should approach in the spirit of Christ. The way to win them is not by wrangling and arguing, much less by unfriendly acts or wholesale condemnation. The only effective means is love and compassion. We need not on that account compromise our principles in the least, since loyalty to principles is quite compatible with the tolerance that grows out of Christian love.

“Moreover, we should not always be judging men according to the theoretical doctrines of their sect or denomination; in real life they are often very close to us, and love is the bridge that spans the gap. It is not, I repeat, by apologetics and casuistry that we will convert the world, but, like Christ, through love, understanding, and compassion. We Catholics are too ready to play the judge and pass sentence on others; in this respect we often are no better than the Pharisees. We so easily overlook the many virtues and noble qualities to be found in those not of the faith. We could make this a practical resolution for the week: I will be Christlike in my conduct toward all non-Catholics. Secondly: I will remember the pagans, too, in mission lands.”

– The Church’s Year of Grace I:330-331

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