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Luther on Discriminate Use of The Lord’s Supper

by pastorjuhl ~ April 21st, 2011

[Christ] delivered his sermons to the multitude for everybody as the apostles later did, so that every person heard them, believers and unbelievers; whoever caught it, caught it. We must do the same. But we are not to cast the Sacrament among the people in a crowd, as the pope has done. When I preach the Gospel I do not know to whom it applies; but here I should take it for granted that it applies to those who come to the Sacrament. Here I must not act in doubt, but be sure that the one to whom I give the Sacrament has laid hold of the Gospel and has true faith, just like when I baptize any one; neither the one who receives the Sacrament should doubt, nor the one that is baptized.

– Church Postil, “A Beautiful Sermon on the Reception of the Holy Sacrament”

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