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Pius Parsch on The Christmas Cycle as Mystery Play

by pastorjuhl ~ November 29th, 2011

I thought I had added this at one time, but I suppose not. Regardless, here’s an outline from Volume One of Pius Parsch’s “The Church’s Year of Grace” on the Christmas cycle as a mystery play. Which reminds me, I know someone who has a set of Parsch available. Please contact me off this blog and I will put you in contact with the person.


A. The curtain rises. Preparation for the King’s coming (Advent)
I. He comes
1. Vision from afar (Advent 1 – Luke 21:25-33 [our Advent 2])
2. Jerusalem prepares herself (Advent 2 – Matthew 11:2-10 [our Advent 3])
II. Now He is near
3. The joy of anticipation (Advent 3 – John 1:19-28 [our Advent 4])
4. The King puts on the clothes of a servant (Ember Days)
5. Final preparation and longing call of the Bride (“O” antiphons)
6. Before the eternal gates (Vigil of Christmas – Matthew 1:18-25)

B. The King appears (Christmas)
I. the King comes in servant’s clothes (Christmas)
1. His retinue: martyrs (Stephen), virgins (John), children (Holy Innocents)
2. His glance toward the Cross (Sunday within the Octave)
II. In full glory the King celebrates His marriage to the Church (Epiphany)
1. He receives His wedding guests (Magi)
2. He purifies His Bride (baptism in the Jordan)
3. He gives His wedding meal (Epiphany 2)
III. The Bride prepares her chamber (Candlemas)

C. Epilogue. The King presides over His Kingdom (Sundays after Epiphany)
1. As Teacher (Epiphany 1)
2. As Priest (Epiphany 2)
3. As Savior (Epiphany 3)
4. As Conqueror (Epiphany 4)
5. As Wise Judge (Epiphany 5)
6. Growth of the Kingdom (Epiphany 6)

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  1. Christopher Gillespie

    Darn! I wish you had posted that a week ago before I bought a copy. 🙁

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