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1905 Transfiguration Outline – Matthew 17:1-9

by pastorjuhl ~ January 23rd, 2012

Our forebears did not preach this text unless there was a Sixth Sunday after The Epiphany. The rubric for moving this text to the Last Sunday after The Epiphany and before Gesimatide evidently came in with The Lutheran Hymnal. 1905 was a year when there was an Epiphany 6. Here’s the outline.

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  1. Josh Osbun

    The rubric for using these propers came with “Common Service Book” in 1917: “The Introit, Collect, Epistle, Gradual and Gospel, together with the Minor Propers, for THE TRANSFIGURATION OF OUR LORD shall be used the last Sunday after the Epiphany in each year, except when there is only one Sunday after the Epiphany” (CSB 66).

    From 1867 until 1917 every hymnal that included the propers included a rubric for Epiphany 4 and 5 that stated that the introit and gradual would be the same as Epiphany 3. This suggests that the practice of moving Epiphany 6 to the last Sunday after Epiphany was intended, but no rubric had been formally written on it. In the absence of such a rubric, the practice was probably not observed very much (which would explain why very few sermons exist).

    I come to this conclusion because “Common Service Book” did not make up new practices. It was the first hymnal to provide detailed rubrics on existing and/or forgotten practices. So to include such a rubric would mean that it was already in practice somewhere and had been for some time. Now it was finally in writing for others to use.

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