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It’s That Time of Year

by ToddPeperkorn ~ January 11th, 2012


I hope that you are well as we begin this year of grace!

This is the time of year when I pay for domain registrations and expenses related to it. I try to keep the pleas for money around here at a minimum, because I find it so annoying on other sites. Once or twice a year at most.

Having said that, if you find this web site to be of benefit to you and/or your congregation, I would invite you to consider sending me a tip using the TIP JAR on the right column of the web site. That is where you can make a donation via my Paypal account.

Thanks for your help!

Second, I am transferring the domain for Historiclectionary.com from one domain host to another. It is possible that there will be some interruption in service for a day or two. Hopefully not, but you never know. If there is, that’s why!

Todd Peperkorn

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