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Hymn Plan for 2012-2013

by pastorjuhl ~ November 10th, 2012

Two things you should know:

1. I do not observe the Michaelmas “skip”.
2. I am using neither the skip to the Last Sunday in the Church Year, nor am I using the Last Three Sundays in the Church Year. I’m preaching until I run out of Sundays.

I hope you may be able to use this hymn plan as a guide for your hymn planning for the next church year.

Hymn Plan 2012-2013

1 Response to Hymn Plan for 2012-2013

  1. The Rev. BT Ball

    plugging straight through has been done all over the place, I’m quite sure it was common during the TLH glory days. The only caution I have is that the saints will miss the greatest chorale there is, Wachet Auf, as you are not observing the 27th Sunday after Trinity. If you aren’t going to observe that day, you gotta get that hymn in there somewhere.

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