Propers for the Church Year

The Church cannot abide her precious treasures to be squandered and lost. This includes both the texts she has chosen to proclaim in the Church Year as well as the notes that this Word has sanctified. These melodies are the handmaiden that God has provided to lift up His theology. To this end, I offer these transcriptions of the Propers for the Church Year from the gregorian into English in modern notation. Permission is granted for use in a church or school setting to print, copy, perform and record. No alterations, collections, or published works may be made from these files. No performance or recording for commercial use or profit may be made without prior consent. For basic information read here, for practice, here.

+Soli Deo Gloria+

Completed propers are underlined and linked to the appropriate .PDF file.

Sundays & Chronological Feasts
          Advent I
          Advent II
          Advent III
          Advent IV
Feast of Circumcision (Repeat from Christmas Day)
          Feast of the Baptism (Repeat from Epiphany)
Epiphany I
Epiphany II
Epiphany III-V
Transfiguration           Transfiguration (Magdeburg 1613)            The Deposition of Alleluia
Trinity IX
Trinity X
Trinity XI
Trinity XII
Trinity XIII
Trinity XIV
Trinity XV
Trinity XVI
Trinity XVII
Trinity XVIII
Trinity XIX
Trinity XX
Trinity XXI
Trinity XXII
Trinity XXIII
Trinity XXIV
Trinity XXV
Trinity XXVI
Last Sunday
Feasts & Festivals
The Visitation
St. Thomas
Conversion of St. Paul
St. Matthias
St. Mark
St. Philip & St. James
Nativity of John
St. Peter & St. Paul
St. Mary Magdalene
St. James the Elder
St. Bartholomew
St. Matthew
St. Michael and Angels
St. Luke
St. Simon & St. Jude
All Saints’
St. Andrew

2 Responses to Propers for the Church Year

  1. Dear friends in Christ,

    Our congregation has now moved to the 1 year lectionary. We are extremely happy with the decision. The next step is to develop a year long (or longer) catechumenate that flows from our liturgical life and the readings of the historic lectionary. I have begun research and study into doing this, but I do not want to re-invent the wheel!!!! Any advice? Any resources for a confessional Lutheran catechumenate flowing from the 1 year lectionary? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    In Christ,
    Rev. Tim Droegemueller
    Living Faith Lutheran Church
    Cumming, Georgia

  2. Steve Gallagher says:

    These propers are valuable indeed. A treasure not be allowed to escape us. I see the posts and responses here are quite dated. Can anyone tell me how progress is going on this project? Is there a timetable for its projected completion? Blessings!

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